We are the Swedish-English Literary Translators’ Association – SELTA

Bringing Swedish Literature into English

We are an independent, professional association, bringing together translators engaged in translating literature from Sweden and Swedish-speaking Finland. We were founded by translators working from Swedish into English and continue to be a translator-run organisation. While our main focus is literature, our members include translators of non-fiction, children’s fiction, poetry, drama and subtitlers.

If you are looking for a translator, Find a Translator provides the details of SELTA members filtered by specialisation.

What SELTA does

We produce Swedish Book Review, presenting Swedish literature to the English-speaking world.

We run a discussion forum for members to exchange translation-related news, information and advice.

We organise professional development events for translators, sometimes featuring guest authors. See the News section to see some of the events we’ve held in the past and information about events coming up.

We normally hold two meetings a year for members, often at the Swedish Embassy in London, sometimes with guest speakers.

We maintain contact with English-language and Swedish-language publishers and with relevant cultural and literary organisations in Britain, Sweden and Finland.

SELTA is an independent organisation, and we gratefully acknowledge funding from the Anglo-Swedish Literary Foundation.

SELTA - The Swedish-English Literary Translators’ Association

The aims of SELTA

To promote the publication of Swedish and Finland-Swedish literature in English;

To represent the interests of those involved in the translation of Swedish literature into English.