SELTA was founded in November 1981 after several years of informal liaison between translators working from Swedish into English.

SELTA: The First 25 Years

The history of our early days is provided in Tom Geddes’ SELTA: The First 25 Years.

SELTA at 40

Kate Lambert’s feature on SELTA and its members on the occasion of its 40th anniversary is available here.

Events and Workshops

Autumn 2021

Working Class Writers workshop at the Swedish Embassy in London with authors Susanna Alakoski, Eija Hetekivi Olsson, Mats Jonsson and Anneli Jordahl.

Autumn 2019
Swedish Speed Bookclub and translation workshops in Edinburgh with invited authors Balsam Karam, Kayo Mpoyi, Adrian Perera and Joel Mauricio Isabel Ortiz.

Autumn 2018
Translation workshop in London on Angela Ahola’s book Konsten att göra intryck (Natur & Kultur, 2016).

Spring 2018
Panel on live literary events with invited guests Anna Błasiak from the European Literature Network, Ted Hodgkinson, Senior Programmer for Literature and Spoken Word at the Southbank Centre in London and Crystal Mahey-Morgan, who founded OWN IT! London

Spring 2017
Nature in Writing workshop with invited authors Göran Bergengren, Jonas Gren, Elin Olofsson and Therése Söderlind and panel discussion with Laura Barber of Portobello Books, Katharina Bielenberg of MacLehose Press and Luke Neima of Granta Online

Autumn 2016
Book bloggers panel with Bookwitch, Stu Allen and Ann Morgan

Autumn 2014
Children’s literature translation workshop in London with authors Per Gustavsson, Annelis Johansson, Cilla Naumann, Frida Nilsson and Malte Persson