Email a job to all SELTA members

If you would like to send details of your creative or literary translation job to all members of SELTA, please use the form below.

    Note that details will only be issued to those members who have opted in to receive job details, that job details will be issued to both Full and Associate, and that SELTA bears no responsibility for any further communications. Any translator who is interested in providing you with a quote or seeking further details will contact you by email. Job requests using the form above are subject to moderation.

    Please indicate a deadline by which you wish to receive replies from interested members. Please allow members until this time to reply in order to provide you with a selection of responses. You should include either the full file for translation or a representative sample to allow translators to have sight of the text type and style.

    If you have a particular translator in mind for a project or would like to search our membership database based on specific characteristics of the translator or your work, please use our find a translator function and contact the translator directly.