Andy Turner’s translation of ‘Wild Boar’ by Hannah Lutz shortlisted for publication by the Emma Press

Congratulations Andy!

Book cover of Vildsvin by Hannah Lutz.

Congratulations to Andy Turner, whose translation of Wild Boar by Hannah Lutz has appeared on the shortlist of titles to be published soon by Emma Press.

The independent publisher specialises in poetry, short fiction, essays and children’s books. They run regular calls for submission to decide what to publish and are open to translations as well as original works in English. You can read more about the submissions process, as well as specific information relating to the current round here.

Praise for Andy from the shortlist: “Not a word is wasted in the opening of this Swedish-language polyphonic short novel raising questions of memory, migration and the anthropocene. We also appreciated the translator’s clear vision of the novella and how it would fit within The Emma Press catalogue.”