Michael Gallagher’s translation of Pascal Engman’s Femicide wins Petrona

Congratulations, Michael!

Michael Gallagher’s translation of Femicide by Pascal Engman has been announced as the winner of this year’s Petrona Award. From the judges:

“Continuing in the tradition of fellow Swedish authors Sjöwall and Wahlöö, and Henning Mankell, Pascal Engman uses his writing to comment on societal values making FEMICIDE an interesting, fictional take on the multifaceted topic of violence against women. The book stood out to all the Petrona judges for several reasons. The way FEMICIDE opens the reader’s eyes to the steadily increasing threat of the incel movement and what makes these men tick was felt by all the judges… All the judges felt this book offered something creatively original that captured the zeitgeist of the early twenty-first century and it is a deserved winner”

Engman will receive a trophy, and both author and translator will receive a cash prize.

Read full details, including comments by the Pascal Engman, Michael Gallagher, and Legend Press Commissioning Editor Cari Rosen here.