Swedish Book Review launches new site

SELTA’s journal Swedish Book Review has launched its new website.

SELTA is pleased to share some happy news in these difficult times: the long-awaited new online Swedish Book Review is now live! The new website address is: swedishbookreview.org

Although the editorial team still have work to do in uploading SBR’s archive of material, which goes back to 2004, there is already an exciting collection of translated extracts, articles, interviews and book reviews from 2018 to 2020. The material for 2020 is all new and focusses on the theme of emerging voices in Swedish literature, including the debut authors who attended the SELTA seminar in Edinburgh last autumn.

Once more of SBR’s archive is in place, a new membership scheme will launch offering access to the full digital archive and all new issues, in addition to other member benefits. Membership of Swedish Book Review will remain part of the SELTA membership package in the same way that a subscription to the printed journal was in the past.

For the time being, stop by the new website and take a look!