Home for Easter by Annika Devert and Jessika Devert

The second in a light-hearted series by Annika Devert and Jessika Devert, continuing the adventures of Emelie as she discovers love and friendship on a small Swedish island.

On the island of Sardinön, Easter is fast approaching but Emelie still has some difficult questions on her mind. Should she take the job at the community centre? If her new partner Andreas has a child with a lesbian couple, and he moves in with Emelie – then she’ll have a baby in the house. Does she want that? And her finances are a constant worry, but it seems that the vase she’s been left by Aunt Astrid is worth a bit of money and perhaps that will improve her situation. But when the vase disappears, Emelie is dismayed and doesn’t know what to think. Could her neighbour Birgitta have stolen it? Or Kjell the restaurant owner?

Instead of thinking about the future, Emilie plans an Easter party for the islanders, with a talent show and a festive buffet. On Easter Saturday they take a walk to the lighthouse on the cliff, where an unexpected surprise awaits her…

Home for Easter is the cosy successor to the Devert sisters’ popular Christmas romance Home for Christmas. Perfect for fans of Holly Martin, Poppy Dolan and Cathy Bramley.