How I Spend My Days and My Nights

A thrilling short-story by Håkan Nesser, published as part of Novellix’s Swedish Crime box.

Two strangers meet in a bar one rainy November night. Their conversation is the starting point for an intricate tale full of lies, doubt–and plans for a murder. How I Spend My Days and My Nights is a thrilling short story by the Swedish crime author Håkan Nesser, well-known from his Van Veeteren crime series.

Alright. He cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses.
So Marlene, that s what she calls herself these days?
I didn t respond. Unease was crawling down my spine.
When I knew her, her name was Clara. Clara Maxwell. She never mentioned that?
Involuntarily I shook my head.
I met her for the first time more than fifteen years ago. In London. She was a redhead back then.
Five seconds, I said. You have five seconds. What the hell are you trying to say?