Memoirs of a Child (Mårbacka II)

A quirky miniature delight, full of insight, wisdom and humour. With conscious artistry, Nobel laureate Selma Lagerlöf lifts the lid on a rural childhood that propelled her into a glorious lifetime of creative writing.

In this second part of her notionally autobiographical trilogy, Selma Lagerlöf broadens the perspective from the farm where she grew up to include the people and places around Lake Fryken in her beloved Värmland county. The personal creation myth which she began in Mårbacka continues here with a focus on the self-discipline and imagination needed to fulfil a childhood ambition to become an author. It is hard work that sometimes means taking a stand against convention but also a deeply enriching process in a home steeped in storytelling and books. The mature author reveals the roots of the young bibliophile’s growing skill in deploying fiction to manipulate and embellish reality, producing a wryly charming, tongue-in-cheek account that we should beware of taking at face value.