Open Sea

World War II has finally ended and Stephie has graduated from upper secondary school. Now she has to make up her mind; will she stay in Sweden where her foster family is, return to Vienna where her father may be, or accept the offer of her relatives in New Jersey to live with them? Her little sister Nellie hardly remembers their father, and wants nothing more than to stay in Sweden with Auntie Alma, But she also wants to be where Stephie is. This fourth volume of the Faraway Island seris answers all these question. It can also be read independently.

In this fourth and final volume of Annika Thor’s Faraway Island tetralogy, World War II has finally drawn to a close. Stephie is finishing upper secondary school and hoping to go on to study medicine. But she and her sister Nellie have lost contact with their parents. In the post-war years they are among the many Jews who have search for family members, hope against hope.