Percy Barnevik on Leadership

A powerful and humorous collection of business wisdoms for anyone with aspirations to succeed as leader or indeed anyone who’s a fan of the formidable Percy Barnevik.

Percy Barnevik on Leadership is the translation of this iconic Swedish business leader’s management bible, Ledarskap, from Swedish into English. Leadership is Dr Barnevik’s compilation of advice and ancecdotes gained in his 50-year long career leading and growing large global corporates such as ABB, Skanska, Astra Zeneca, General Motors and DuPont.

The easily-read and user-friendly book is divided into 200 topics or lessons covering the importance of execution, the lesser need for strategy, the investigation trap, the right to make mistakes, delegating upwards, the elimination of meetings to the handling of crises, and everything in-between.

“ON leadership is one of the best books I have read for many years on Leadership, strategy change and little tit bits for a person who is so busy that sitting down for a 4 hour read has to have an outcome. It is broken down into sound-bytes and one of my favourites is 185 Be Yourself.”  Seonaid Mackenzie

“Wonderful book by a world-class business leader.” Robert McTamaney