Soda Pop

A huge swarm of tigers arrives – through the garden, squeezing into the barn, diving into the swimming pool. And so the day begins.

A hilarious and wacky children’s classic by Barbro Lindgren, reminiscent of Spike Milligan’s books, with new illustrations by Lisen Adbåge. A crazy, intergenerational household, a pack of ravenous tigers, a clueless burglar, a cushy jail, a swimming pool that’s a flooded garage, grumpy owls in the mailbox – and those are just for starters. In the words of Pippi Longstocking creator Astrid Lindgren: There’s a sublime sort of craziness to it that catches me unawares every time. Neither Soda Pop nor Mazarin nor Dartanyong speaks a single word of sense, but they will be my friends for life.