Stockholm South: Siege by Karl Eidem and Jale Poljarevius

The first book in an intense thriller series featuring Inspector Hannah Kaufman.

On her way to work one ordinary Wednesday morning, Inspector Hannah Kaufman is unexpectedly called to Stockholm South Hospital, where she’s confronted by a far from ordinary event. Armed men have invaded the children’s hospital and are threatening to kill one child an hour if their demands aren’t met.

Hannah and her colleagues face a dramatic hostage situation with enormous media attention. Meanwhile, inside the hospital walls, the clock is ticking for the innocent children imprisoned with the terrorists…

For fans of Ian Rankin, James Patterson and the popular Netflix show Money Heist.

Karl Eidem is an author and financial analyst. Jale Poljarevius is a police superintendent and expert in organised crime. He is also known for his appearances on Efterlyst, the Swedish TV equivalent of Crimewatch.