The Lazy Way to a Wonderful Life, by Gunnel Ryner

Are you tired of fighting an uphill battle and constantly having to rely on your own willpower, motivation and self-discipline? Would you like to learn a smarter, simpler way to get the life you’ve always dreamed of – both at home and at work?

Gunnel Ryner overturns the traditional view of self-development and success, in which it’s all about you, and instead shows how you can create an environment – with the right people, things, places, conditions and ideas – that simply draws you in the direction you want to go.

With a light-hearted blend of science, humour and relevant examples, she demonstrates the positive aspects of laziness and shows how the right environment is more important than willpower. The book also provides you with a step-by-step method that makes it easy and fun to get where you want, both in your own life and together with your colleagues at work.

Gunnel Ryner has a degree in behavioural science and is a speaker, organisational consultant and coach. With her talks, workshops and coaching programmes, she has inspired thousands of people to take themselves and their workplaces to completely new heights. The Lazy Way to a Wonderful Life is her second book.