The Secret Life of Mr Roos

In this compelling and memorable novel, a chance meeting has a profound effect on two lonely lives. Their unique road trip leads Inspectors Barbarotti and Backman to the heart of Europe.

At fifty-nine years old, Valdemar Roos is tired of life. Stuck with a job he hates, a wife he barely talks to and two step-daughters he doesn’t get on with, he hasn’t much to look forward to. Then a winning pools coupon gifts him the chance of a fresh start.

A secluded hut in the middle of the woods. A recovering young drug addict on the run from rehab and a vengeful boyfriend. Valdemar starts living a double life that could be his downfall, and eventually the police have to act. This is the third novel in Håkan Nesser’s Inspector Barbarotti series and an intriguing addition to the collection.