1947: When Now Begins

‘A skillful and illuminating way of presenting, to wonderful effect, the cultural, political, and personal history of a year that changed the world.’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘Åsbrink’s elegant prose (translated by Fiona Graham) offers a lyrical history of a year that seems both recent and ancient.’ – The Spectator

‘[Åsbrink’s] careful juxtaposition of disparate events highlights an underlying interconnectedness and suggests a new way of thinking about the postwar era.’ – The New Yorker

‘[A]n extraordinary achievement.’ – The New York Times

‘Åsbrink works with great subtlety, allowing us to make our own judgments and trace any parallels or echoes with the present. Fiona Graham deserves credit for her remarkable translation.’ – The National

‘Like an image created from a thousand juxtaposed pixels, Åsbrink builds a cumulative picture of 1947 … Less a work of history, her book is more like an ingeniously constructed novel.’ – The Jewish Chronicle

Longlisted for the 2019 JQ Wingate Prize and the 2018 Warwick Prize for Women in Translation. A 2017 English Pen award-winner, and a Metro book of the year (2017).