My European Family: The First 54,000 Years

The prehistoric peoples of Europe – Homo sapiens with a dash of Neanderthal – depicted by a science writer using DNA analysis and archaeology to research her forebears.

‘A rich, detailed and beautifully-written answer to the question ‘how did we get here?’ My European Family is a vital and timely exploration of the genetic, social and cultural threads that connect and unite us.’ – Kat Arney, science broadcaster and author of Herding Hemingway’s Cats (2016).

‘Meticulous, up-to-date, and never tedious, [Bojs] draws from hundreds of scientific results to create a broad-brush picture of human evolution, showing us how DNA research is revolutionizing our knowledge of the past.’ –  Wall Street Journal

‘An extraordinary book … part travel narrative, part family history, part scientific study.’ –  Financial Times

‘Tells the story of all modern Europeans.’ – The New European