The Autists: Women on the spectrum

An incisive and deeply candid account that explores autistic women in culture, myth, and society through the prism of the author’s own diagnosis.

Until the 1980s, autism was regarded as a condition found mostly in boys. Even in our time, autistic girls and women have largely remained invisible. When portrayed in popular culture, women on the spectrum often appear simply as copies of their male counterparts — talented and socially awkward.

Yet autistic women exist, and always have. They are varied in their interests and in their experiences. Autism may be relatively new as a term and a diagnosis, but not as a way of being and functioning in the world. It has always been part of the human condition. So who are these women, and what does it mean to see the world through their eyes?

In The Autists, Clara Törnvall reclaims the language to describe autism and explores the autistic experience in arts and culture throughout history. From popular culture, films, and photography to literature, opera, and ballet, she dares to ask what it might mean to re-read these works through an autistic lens — what we might discover if we allow perspectives beyond the neurotypical to take centre stage.

The Happiness Cure

In the midst of a mental health crisis, leading psychiatrist Dr Anders Hansen offers a radical new way to think about fulfilment.

As a species, we’ve never had it so good. We’re living longer and healthier lives than ever before; the sum of human knowledge and endless entertainment are only ever a few clicks away.

So why are we in the midst of a mental health crisis?

The Happiness Cure offers a radical new way to think about fulfilment. Blending neuroscientific research and empirical breakthroughs with stories of ordinary individuals, leading psychiatrist and viral TedX speaker Dr Anders Hansen reveals that by adopting an evolutionary take on life, we can re-set our perspective on happiness to find longer-term meaning and lasting contentment.

Free Will and Evolution

Free Will and Evolution defends the old notion of free will, according to which such a will is incompatible with determinism and not identical with mere indeterminism.

The defense is made from an entirely secular evolutionary perspective. The theory of evolution – properly considered – is argued to be fully compatible with a belief in in a little bit of free will. Moreover, it is claimed that a complete denial normally contains a kind of contradiction. Not a logical contradiction, but a so-called performative contradiction. The denial argued for contradicts the very existence of argumentative discourses.

Questions I am asked about the Holocaust: young readers’ edition

A young readers’ edition of the bestselling book from Auschwitz survivor Hédi Fried that answers lasting questions about the Holocaust.

Hédi Fried was nineteen when the Nazis arrested her family and transported them to Auschwitz. While there, apart from enduring the daily terror at the camp, she and her sister were forced into hard labour before being released at the end of the war.

After settling in Sweden, Hédi devoted her life to educating young people about the Holocaust. In her 90s, she decided to take the most common questions, and her answers, and turn them into a book so that children all over the world could understand what had happened.

This is a deeply human book that urges us never to forget and never to repeat.

‘It is the telling detail that gives her testimony its particular power … This little book, with its reminder “there are no stupid questions, nor any forbidden ones, but there are some … that have no answer”, is a moving record of one woman’s experience.’

‘Something like what Anne Frank might have written had she survived … Timeless lessons taught with simple eloquence.’

Sixty-Four Minutes with Rebecka

Bergman’s view of the political turmoil and sexual liberation of the late 1960s.

A bilingual English/French translation of a script written in 1969 as part of an omnibus film collaboration with Kurosawa and Fellini that was never made. Translators:  Deborah Bragan-Turner (English), Jean-Baptiste Bardin (French)

Published in collaboration with Cinematograph AB, Stockholm


From the publisher:
This nightmarish debut, a biting critique of consumer society and the “wellness” industry, recalls the films of David Lynch and Lars Von Trier and the horror manga of Junji Ito.

“A purportedly high-end spa devolves into a grotty miasma of rot and retribution in Svetoff’s satirical skin-crawling grotesquerie of a debut.” — Publishers Weekly

The Reddest Rose: Romantic Love from the Ancient Greeks to Reality TV

From the publisher:
The internationally acclaimed activist follows up her satirical work of graphic medicine with this collection of humorous comics essays about how historical and societal shifts have altered — and perhaps destroyed — “romantic love.”

“A nervy application of social theory that makes for an invigorating primer and a jarring riposte to present-day assumptions on dating, attachment, and the nuclear family.” — Publishers Weekly

Black Ice

An exciting thriller by Carin Gerhardsen set on Gotland.

The UK edition of Carin Gerhardsen’s critically acclaimed standalone psychthriller published by Head of Zeus (originally published in the USA by Scarlet in 2021).


Mina Dabiri is back and she needs Vincent Walder’s help again as they go head-to-head with a dangerous cult that is closer to home than they realise.

The second instalment in Camilla Läckberg & Henrik Fexeus’s popular series about Mina Dabiri and Vincent Walder, following on from the 2022 title Trapped.

You Will Never Be Found

A man is locked inside an abandoned house – but he’s not the only one. This atmospheric, edge-of-your-seat rural crime starring local detective Eira Sjödin will keep you guessing till the end.